In conjunction with In Vitro Fertilization [IVF]; we also make available AART [ Advanced Assisted Reproductive Techniques ] at our Ferty 9 Hospital & Research Center. Best suitable tailor-made treatments are designed for needy couples.

1. ICSI- IntraCytoplasmic Sperm Injection:

A suitable option for male infertility. One egg is injected with one best sperm with the help of micromanipulator under the microscope.

2.IMSI – IntraCytoplasmic Morphologically selected sperm injection

Enables to choose the best spermatozoa morphologically ( normal structure and shape ) to inject the egg under high magnification

3. IVM- In Vitro Maturation

Usually in IVF treatment with the help of stimulation drugs ovarian follicles reaches to 17- 18 mm size. But in IVM – through minimal stimulation drugs small immature eggs are collected with the help of ultrasound. These retrieved immature eggs are cultured in specially designed laboratory dishes with the addition of suitable culture media and hormones for 1/2 days later proceeded with ICSI.

4.Vitrification / cryopreservation

We offer Semen freezing/egg freezing/embryo freezing. Ideally done to store for future use.

Indications for semen freezing:
• Certain patients undergoing cancer treatments
• The absence of male partner at the time of egg collection
• Collection problems due to stress in particular ambiance

Indications for egg freezing:
• Under chemotherapy or any disease that may lower fertility
• Advanced age

Indications for embryo freezing:
• Surplus number of embryos
• Indicated according to particular patient case history depending on uterine condition and progesterone value.

PGD – Pre-Implantation Genetic Diagnosis:
During IVF procedure, the resultant embryos are tested for any chromosomal abnormality before implanting in the uterus Through PGD procedure – the embryo biopsy material is checked for any presence of the genetic/chromosomal abnormality. Later the tested embryo that is not showing any abnormality is transferred back to the uterus.