The more you know and understand about the process, the less stress you may feel. In Vitro Fertilization (IVF) is a procedure in which eggs from a woman’s ovary are removed, then fertilized with sperm in a laboratory procedure, and then the fertilized egg is placed to the woman’s uterus. Continue reading about How to prepare for IVF treatment?

Stress is something that many patients ask about. It is a big concern IVF is stressful enough, and thinking that success or failure depends on how you react emotionally just adds to the burden. Each person experiences stress in different ways. Good preparation for each cycle of IVF will increase the chances of a successful outcome and reduce the side effects.

IVF is one of several possible methods to increase the chance for an infertile couple to become pregnant. It is one of the most effective form of assisted reproductive technology currently available, but the chances of conceiving through IVF depends on several factors, including age, medical issues and cause of infertility of partners.

A healthy, nutritional diet and adequate water is most important to increase the egg production and need to prepare herself for regular fertility screening tests. You and your partner will likely need these following screenings tests before beginning IVF cycle.

How to prepare for IVF treatment?Screening for Infectious diseases including HIV.

  • Ovarian reserve testing.
  • Semen analysis.
  • Mock embryo transfer.

Avoid some foods like chocolates, processed foods and foods with high sugar content. Protein diet is important because low levels of protein can cause to produce fewer eggs. Try to get this protein from healthy sources, such as lean meat, beans, lentils and fish. It may be a good idea to take a multivitamin, as certain vitamins can help to produce eggs and create optimal conditions in uterus for developing embryos. Being overweight or underweight can affect the chances of getting pregnant through IVF. If you have either of these problems, you should try to rectify them gradually.

Light exercise such as walking or yoga is safe, but aerobic exercise should be avoided. Exercise can enhance IVF treatment as it releases many feel good hormones called endorphins which help to have a healthy psyche and increases blood flow to various organs including reproductive system.