Case Scenario 1

Mrs.Prema and Mr.Govind visited our clinic in deep distress. They have consulted many doctors but of no use. Finally, the couple has visited our Ferty 9 hospital in the year 2015. After careful and complete infertility evaluation and history taking Mrs. Prema was diagnosed with a complete absence of regular menstrual cycle. This is a case of ” Primary Ovarian Failure “. Under our experience infertility specialist and panel of doctors, we have treated the couple with 3 In Vitro Fertilization Cycles. Mrs.Prema got conceived in her third attempt of IVF cycle. Their joy knew no boundaries after delivering a baby.

Case scenario 2

Mrs.Keerthi and Mr.Sridhar visited our hospital in the year 2015. Mrs. Keerthi was suffering with severe grade 4 Endometriosis and with Adenomyosis uterus. This was a complicated case . IVF treatment was the only option for them. The couple underwent IVF treatment with us and got success in their first attempt. Mrs.Keerthi delivered baby recently. Their ultimate success of achieving the dream of parenthood lies in believing us and our service. Their Happiness and smile on their faces give us the inspiration to serve more couples.