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Our Initial Approach

Below are the brief summary of some of the investigations we- the greatest IVF center located in Hyderabad India can support prior to beginning any Infertility treatment.

Female Evaluations

  • Pelvic scan [ TVS ] on Day 2 of menses
  • Sonohysterogram
  • Hormonal evaluations ( Day 2 of menses ) FSH [ Follicular Stimulating Hormone ] LH [ Lutenizing Hormone ] E2 [ Estradiol ]
  • Ovarian Reserve test
  • Hysterosalpingogram[ HSG ] - To detect Fallopian tubes patency
  • Uterine Cavity assessment
  • Hysteroscopy
  • laparoscopy

Male Evaluations

  • Hormone tests: Follicular Stimulating Hormone, Testosterone, Prolactin
  • Scrotal scan
  • Semen Analysis ideally 3-5 days abstain period 3.
  • Advanced Andrology Techniques
  • A semen analysis is done as the part of the initial consultation.We suggest two to three days abstinence before  the semen analysis . Due to varying parameters between clinics, we strongly suggest having an analysis performed here.

Overview of IVF

Basic Evaluation of Couple involving medical screening, hormone evaluation, Day 2 ultrasound scan, semen analysis ( male partner ).

  • After the complete investigation, the doctor will decide a suitable ovarian stimulation protocol from day 2 of a menstrual cycle. Usually, every woman ovulates only one egg but with the usage of ovarian stimulation drugs, we can get multiple numbers of follicles.
  • Once the size of follicles is 18mm, ovum pickup is planned at 34 hours – 35 hours post Trigger injection.
  • Ovum picks up is a non-surgical procedure done under general anesthesia.
  • On ovum pick up the day the follicular aspirates are examined, the eggs that are retrieved are cultured in specially designed IVF media. With sperm separation techniques the best sperms are selected. The processed sperm is mixed with the retrieved eggs and cultured for three to five days inside a special device called Incubator.
  • These resultant embryos are transferred back into woman’s uterus with the help of specially designed Catheter and the Beta HCG result is planned on 16th day of menstrual cycle followed by confirming clinical pregnancy with the ultrasound scan

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