Below are the brief summary of some of the investigations we- the greatest IVF center located in Hyderabad India can support prior to beginning any Infertility treatment.


1. Pelvic scan [ TVS ] on Day 2 of menses
2 . Sonohysterogram
3. Hormonal evaluations ( Day 2 of menses )
FSH [ Follicular Stimulating Hormone ]
LH [ Lutenizing Hormone ]
E2 [ Estradiol ]
4.Ovarian Reserve test
5 .Hysterosalpingogram[ HSG ] – To detect Fallopian tubes patency
6. Uterine Cavity assessment
7. Hysteroscopy
8. laparoscopy


1. Hormone tests: Follicular Stimulating Hormone, Testosterone, Prolactin
2. Scrotal scan
3. Semen Analysis ideally 3-5 days abstain period 3.
4. Advanced Andrology Techniques
5. A semen analysis is done as the part of the initial consultation.We suggest two to three days abstinence before  the semen analysis . Due to varying parameters between clinics, we strongly suggest having an analysis performed here.

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