There are four main steps involved in completing an IVF procedure for each and every couple. These include Start-up of IVF plan phase, monitoring and Retrieval program of eggs, Fertilization program and last step is  Embryo Transfer program.


Infertility is defined as an inability to conceive even after one year of unprotected intercourse. Basically, both the couple need to consult an Infertility specialist. The doctor will examine medical history o f couple, Hormonal evaluations of a couple, Follicular study, Semen Analysis with 3-5 days abstinence. Depending on these test results the right treatment is planned. In IVF procedure the startup of treatment is done using ovarian stimulation drugs to acquire multiple follicles. There are different stimulation protocols to plan for individual needs based on their case history. These fertility drugs will stimulate the ovaries to produce a number of eggs to enhance the IVF success rate.


With the usage of fertility drugs, the multiple follicles that are grown are carefully retrieved using specialized Ovum Pick Needles. This is done at 34 – 36 hours post trigger injection. This procedure is  Non-Surgical Procedure done under general Anaesthesia. The follicular aspirates are immediately checked to collect the eggs and are cultured in special IVF media kept inside an Incubator. The morphology of eggs is analyzed and reported by the embryologists after two hours.


The male partner is collecting the semen sample ideally with 3 – 5 days abstinence period. After evaluating the semen analysis the Sperm Preparation Technique. The processed sample is mixed with the eggs in a culture dish. Ideally, In Standard Conventional IVF only 50000 to 1, 000,00 sperm concentration is required per dish culturing 3 acolyte cumulus complex/eggs. When the sperm concentration is less in that case one egg is microinjected with one sperm with the help of micromanipulator this procedure is called INTRACYTOPLASMIC SPERM INJECTION (ICSI).  These will give the proof the fertilization at 16 to 18 hours post IVF/ICSI.


This is the crucial step involved in an IVF program. The couple will undergo several positive healing therapy and counseling to be open for the smooth embryo transfer to happen. On Day 3/ Day 5 from the ovum pick up the Embryo Transfer is fixed. After a complete evaluation of the uterine condition, hormone values,  the resultant embryos are transferred into the uterine cavity of woman’s body with the help of specially designed Catheters.The main success revolves around patient’s age, stage of embryos transferred , uterine condition and patients positive attitude towards the procedure . Belief and trust in doctor will definitely enhance the success rate for IVF couple. The pregnancy test is confirmed on the 16th day from the date of embryo transfer followed by ultrasound scan during 4-6 weeks.

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